Alcohol and Anxiety

Obviously we all know alcohol is a depressant and yes you probably shouldn’t drink alcohol while on anti depressants but if you ask me the only thing more depressing than having anxiety is being told you can’t rip the scab off a cold one and get lit with your pals. 

Disclaimer; luckily for me when I drink it doesn’t effect me too much, obviously apart from the usual getting drunk, telling people your life story and spending the next day feeling sorry for yourself while nursing a hangover and an extra large maccas Coke that is. 

The shitty thing I do get though is the shakes. I sound like an addict now haha but it’s true. The next day I feel shaky and guilty. Really really GUILTY. Is this an anxious thing or does everyone get like this? I know personally I never get like this when my anxiety is at bay. But when my anxiety isn’t under control I spend the whole of the next day panicking and racking my brains to remember every detail of the night before so I can ensure I didn’t embarrass myself. Who cares if you did you might think, everyone embarrasses themselves out on the turps right? Yep 100% but for some reason I think it’s the biggest deal and spend the next few days wondering if everyone hates me and asking those I spent the night with if I did anything embarrassing. 

Does anyone else get this? I’ve seen memes saying ‘the worst thing about drinking is spending the next year wondering if everyone hates you’ (thank god it’s not just me) but is it an anxious thing or just normal? None of my other friends feel this way, and what’s even crazier is 99% of time I couldn’t care less about what other people think. I’ve realised as I get older I very rarely get embarrassed so why when I’m hungover can’t I just laugh about the night before instead of being riddled with guilt the whole next day?

You may be thinking, just don’t drink! Don’t be ridiculous, that would be un-Australian and just plain boring. I can have loads of fun without alcohol but there’s just something different about relaxing with an Espresso Martini after a long week or lounging pool side with a crisp cold apple cider 🤤

Curious to find out if it was just me I did a bit of internet research and ended up on a forum for people with mental health issues. Turns out it’s 100% normal for others with anxiety. Thank god! But still, shitty for ya’ll out there feeling the same way after an epic night out. So now that I’ve seen it happens to others (basically I see this as a big green light to go ahead and keep drinking on the weekends) how can I combat the guilt the next day?! 

Yesterday was Sunday and having gone out the night before I spent the good part of the morning worrying over my morning cuppa what I did the night before that may have been embarrassing, what did I say to my boyfriend when I harassed him with a drunken phone call at midnight? And did I send any silly texts to any of my friends? I’d had a good night, sure I probably let a few things slip that I wouldn’t when sober but why should this mean I need to spend the whole next day at panic stations telling myself I’m never going to go and have a big night ever again?! So I took to nature for a bush walk with my sister. She walks that fast I could barely breathe in my hungover state, when I finally caught up it felt rejuvenating I was out in scenic bushland with nothing but the sound of birds and the trees blowing in the breeze, how could I possibly feel anxious? Turns out getting out of the house and exercising is good for your mental health! Who’d have thought?! 

That evening I even found my normal pre bed ‘am I going to die in my sleep’ was non existent. Fact of the matter is I was bloody exhausted. I could barely stay awake let alone make up terminal illnesses in my head. Even today I still feel fresh and stress free as I think about my relaxing day yesterday and where I can get out to this coming weekend. So next time you’re feeling like me laying on the couch binge watching Netflix hungover and nursing a bucket of KFC and a Coke try getting on some active wear and sweating it out. Go somewhere you wouldn’t normally and get outside and exercise. I guarantee it’s going to work, if you’re like me and if you do it right you should be knackered and instead of feeling guilty about the alcohol induced embarrassment from the night before you’ll be too busy thinking when did I get this unfit? And instead of thinking you’re never drinking alcohol again you’ll probably be too busy thinking gee maybe I should cut back on the KFC?! 

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